Request a song

I love to hear from my listeners! Have a song you would like to hear on the H-Factor Jazz Show, or heard a jazz artist you think would be great on the show? Let me know! I read every request and am always open helping others discover new jazz music and artists.

The H-Factor Jazz Show plays exactly what you want to hear on the “Jazz Request” segment, which aires on Thursdays and Fridays (check the Schedule link for your timezone). Plus, you never know when you might hear your request at another time, too. If your jazz request is a hit, it will be added to my jazz lineup and played on other shows.

1) Request a song from my playlist

Two ways to select a song:
1) In the “SEARCH” field (upper left) type in artist or song.
2) scroll through my playlist. To view more songs, place your cursor over the list and then scroll down.

Once you have selected your request, click the check mark on the right side and then click “CONFIRM REQUEST”.
One song request per day.

2) Request a song that is not in my playlist

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